Crunchr launches Academic Version with Utrecht University

Posted by Crunchr on 3/12/18 10:47 AM


The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) started a collaboration with Crunchr, an online tool for People Analytics. The partnership will help HU to become leading in People Analytics-education in The Netherlands. Crunchr turns personal and organisational data into insights for HR-professionals in a fast and accessible way, to make connections between employee and organisation objectives clearer. In their joint vision to develop further the People Analytics competences of (future) Human Resource (HR), they now launch Crunchr Academic Version: a variant of Crunchr, especially for People Analytics-education.

Crunchr Academic version uses people and business data from a (fictional) innovative fashion organisation: Dutch Boutique. HRM students (or HR-professionals) can develop their People-Analytics skills in the field of absenteeism, staff turnover, sustainable employability and talent management. The data have been selected and manipulated from a firm, scientific understanding in such way, that students and professionals deal with obvious, and surprising correlations. It is precisely this approach that adds value, says Dirk Jonker, Managing Director of Crunchr: ‘People Analytics is a change of culture wherein HR-professionals become comfortable with the technology. This is where Crunchr and the HU complement each other.’

HBO (Higher Vocational Education) and WO (Academic Education)

With HU as educational partner, Crunchr Academic Version will be offered to other universities and HBO institutions that want to add People Analytics to their curriculum, as a guest lecture or multi-day program. With the usage of video messages of Dutch Boutique’s employees, students will work on detailed assignments. These hands-on assignments will be alternated with college-bites, catered by Crunchr and People Analytics-lecturers from the HU.

Within the HU, Crunchr Academic Version has already been actively used inside the post-Bachelor People Analytics for Professionals, wherein this month another 30 professionals of 21 organisations have started, as well the module People Analytics of the part-time study HRM.


Educational Institutions 

Are you curious about HU’s People Analytics program? Watch the video here (Please note: the video is in Dutch). Educational institutions can contact HU to explore if the Crunchr Academic Version suits with their curriculum.


Contact Crunchr

Dirk Jonker
Managing Director and co-founder Crunchr
T: +316 551 163 77

Contact HU (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)

Dr. Sjoerd van den Heuvel
People Analytics researcher, teacher, and speaker
T: +316 444 061 78

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