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The main theme of the largest event for fitness, wellness and health – the 5th European Health and Fitness Forum – this year is: Human capital in the fitness industry. EuropeActive and FIBO believe the people element is crucial for any business and thus they have released a book and a congress around this theme.

Our co-founder Camiel Selker was one of the speakers of the event and wrote a chapter in the book ‘Human capital in the fitness and active leisure sector' about the motivational factors of employees in the fitness industry. Together with Crunchr’s Pre-Sales Consultant Lieke de Schipper, they used Crunchr Preference to identify what motivates people in the fitness and active leisure sector. It is the first research of its kind in this sector in Europe and will help club owners and managers to develop the most effective proposition to their workers.

About the book: Human capital in the fitness and active leisure sector Human capital in the fitness and active leisure sector coverpage

The fitness sector has grown tremendously in the last decades and is now the number 1 participation sport in Europe with almost 60 million members and employs an estimated 650,000 people. Together with the growth of the fitness sector, the need for the right skilled and dedicated employees is rising.

The aim of this book is to put the people element in management more in focus for the fitness and active leisure sector.

In this book the reader will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is Human Capital and how does it impact me?
  • What are the dilemmas of servant leaders?
  • How do people and the right culture make the difference?
  • How will the use of technology impact human capital?
  • How to attract, select and keep talent?
  • What are the key motivators for workers in the sector?
  • How about skills development?
  • What is the return on investment of workplace health promotion?
  • How to ensure that human capital is future proof?

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About Camiel Selker

Camiel is co-founder and partner of Crunchr, a people analytics technology firm, based in Amsterdam. He is active as a Board advisor on strategy and organisation, with a focus on optimising the investment in the organisation’s human capital and is an expert in remuneration/compensation matters. He is also teaching at TIAS Business School in Tilburg and is member of the board academy of McKinsey and Egon Zehnder and an author of several books on HR management.

About Lieke de Schipper

Lieke is pre-sales consultant at Crunchr with a background in marketing research and data analytics. She applies this experience in human resources to help organisations improve their investments in people.

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