An interview with ING's ex-Chief Security Architect about People Analytics

Posted by Crunchr on 2/13/18 5:21 PM


Jan Joris Vereijken joined ING as a security architect in 2001, just when cybercrime against banks became vogue. A roller coaster ride later, he resigned as ING’s Global Chief Security architect, to join tech scale-up Crunchr.


What’s a respected expert in banking security doing at a young people analytics platform?

“Starting off at ING from a technical background with a PhD in technical computing science, I joined in the pioneering days of banking security when the stability of the financial system was at stake. It was an exhilarating development, designing systems and organizations that could resist ever bigger and cleverer frauds. And with a measure of success: the cost of fraud for the Dutch banking system has come down 92 million euro a year in 2011* to a fraction of that amount today.

At heart I’m a technician, not a manager. My future was no longer in leading a 50 strong team in twenty countries, so I looked around for an opportunity to get back in the core of pioneering security technology. When I ran into Crunchr and saw what the team here is up to, I knew I wanted to be part of that.”

What is Crunchr up to?

“Crunchr is a fully serviced workforce reporting & people analytics solution. Data security is not developed in reaction to outside threats, but has been intrinsic to the platform from day one. Securing data and privacy is a vital condition to success. With some delay the law seeks guarantees and customers are increasingly aware of the importance of secure analytics solutions.

Here at Crunchr a smart and driven team is using the latest technologies to develop new solutions in the innovative field of people analytics. There are no legacy problems, just challenges of scaling up the innovations that large organizations worldwide are looking for. This is a technician’s dream.”

What is your role?

“My managing days are over. I’m a member of the team, contributing my expertise and experience in architecture and a keen awareness of what our customers require. I think it fits in well with the knowledge and capabilities that my new colleagues bring in.

Data and system security is a young discipline. It’s not about what you achieve, but about what you have forgotten. Here at Crunchr we can excel in offering a well secured platform, that will increasingly be a distinguishing factor in the eyes of customers and prospects.”

For more information about Jan Joris, please read the previous blog: ING’s Global Chief Security Architect Joins People Analytics Scale-Up Crunchr.

*Source: Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken

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