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We analyzed the first 2000 results of our open research among homeworkers. People Analytics shows that listening to what employees need and personalizing the employer response increases the impact with 20%, compared to a simple one-size-fits-all.

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What is the impact of the corona measures on home workers?

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  • 64.2% is seriously concerned about the economic situation
  • 89.3% is (very) satisfied with how the employers support the homeworkers
  • 85.4% finds that they can work well from home
  • 24.7% finds that working from home has an impact on their labor productivity
  • 25.2% finds that the situation has a (serious) impact on mental health


What is the impact of the corona measures on homeworkers

What can employee do best?
  1. Collaboration tools
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Social interaction
The people struggling with mental health need:
  1. Social interaction
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Collaboration tools
In the event of negative influence on labor productivity, people need:
  1. Social interaction
  2. Collaboration tools
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. Focus

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