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People Analytics: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You'll Ever Need to Know

78% of HR Directs rate People Analytics in their organization as "Developing". The others (22%) are in early stages.


  1. Start with available data

    • Even with limited data, you can create actionable insights. If you add more data, your insights will get richer.

  2. Assess the data quality

    • But do not strive for perfection. There are creative and stastical ways to deal with mising data.

  3. Start small, and keep it simple.

    • Start with your most urgent questions. Focus. You will learn by doing, and get better.

  4. Avoid one-off analysis and projects

    • One-offs are time consuming, and difficult to replicate. Detect trends over time and you will be able to focus your actions.

  5. Focus on business relevant areas

    • You can drown in data and get stuck in analysis paralysis. Focus on the areas most relevant for your business. Stay close to growth, sales and clients.

  6. Suprise with insights

    • Create engagement through surprising insights and the organization will ask for more

  7. Report visually

    • A picture tells more than 1000 words. Don't make long reports, tell your story in simple visuals.

  8. Increase the data analytics capabilities of your team

    • Data analysis requires skills and domain expertise. Team up with IT and Marketing, and leverage capabilities.

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