Onboarding - Speedy implementation in just 5 simple steps

Posted by Crunchr on 5/9/16 8:55 AM




We promise a transparent price and speedy implementation in just five simple steps. But how does this work? In the first step we assess your data availability. Together we map out what data you have and in which systems these are stored. We make sure that we manage data securely and in line with your privacy requirements. As soon as we understand your data landscape, we can consolidate for the first time. We extract the data from your systems and load it into the Crunchr template, using your data definitions. In step three we work with you to improve the quality and availability of your data. One of the unique Crunchr features is that we validate your data before uploading so that the analysis leads to meaningful insights. Once we have concluded that the quality of the data is OK, we upload it to Crunchr. Going forward, this will be an seamless monthly upload. At Crunchr, we understand that you are an HR professional, and not a data-wizard. That’s why we train our users to become certified Crunchr champions. This way, we bring the best of both worlds together.

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