How People Analytics helps with diversity and inclusion

Posted by Crunchr on 3/9/20 5:12 PM


Most discussions are focused on equal pay. Crunchr shows that if you explore the data, the underlying problem is often much deeper.

Here are 6 tips to discover the real story: Infographic about How People Analytics helps with diversity and inclusion

Step 1 – Validate talent acquisition conversion metrics

Is there any talent pipeline bias? Do the new hires reflect the outside world?


Step 2 – Analyze the performance and potential scores

Can you detect bias in how managers rate employees?


Step 3 – Calculate the promotion and lateral move rates

Is everybody offered the same opportunities to develop?


Step 4 – Assess the succession bench and coverage ratios

Can you already foresee inequality in leadership positions in 3-5 years?


Step 5 – Explore the pay gap (don’t forget STI & LTI)

What are the regression drivers for pay? What does a company reward?


Step 6 – Examine Engagement and Employee Turnover rates

Don’t forget the impact of the work environment on diversity & inclusion

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