Zukunft Personal 2018: here's what you've missed!

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A retrospective of Zukunft Personal 2018 

The first day of Zukunft Personal 2018 was overwhelming: 6 football fields full of exhibition space, more than 600 booths, thousands of HR professionals, key note speeches and inspiring pitches from the Startup Village Camp. All visitors and exhibitors had a lot to digest. But it was fun! In this blog we share our experiences and a few takeaways that we feel are worth sharing.

Crunchr was a featured company in the Start-up Village. We talked with at least 100 HR Professionals from all kinds of companies who are interested in Workforce Analytics. Our founderhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/crunchr/ received a nice surprise visit from StartupTV with an interview for the ‘Top 10 Tech Startups’. Then there was Tour Guide Tom Haak, founder of the HR Trend Institute who stopped by with his Global HR Trends tour. We also had some of our clients from Germany dropping by to say hi.

Zukunft through the eyes of Crunchr's Founder

Dirk Jonker, Founder and CEO of Crunchr, says that the theme Zukunft 2018 is professional data management. “Companies struggle with the explosive growth of HR Tech. They use apps for onboarding, interactive training, measuring culture, etc. This helps to drive employee experience but none of these data are connected to another“. “But there is a second reason”, as he continues, “and that is GDPR. They learned it the hard way that a generic Business Intelligence tool does not satisfy the strict GDPR requirements”.

He also spotted some nice new companies: Honeypot.io is a company that helps to screen and select the top 10% tech talent. They developed a nice tech + touch approach. Another company is 100 Worte, who developed a neat method to derive leadership styles from internal company communication channels using text analytics. “Towards the end of the day I bumped into Andreas Dittes from TalentWunder. Fantastic to see his company flourish.”

The key take aways of Day 1

Earlier stated by Crunchr's founder Dirk Jonker, professional data management is the theme of Zukunft 2018. This theme was divided throughout the event in other sub-themes such as the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR, (HR) Tech in Recruitment, and the Digital Transformation in HR.

According to Tom Haak, Founder of the HR Trend Institute, AI was the trending topic during Day 1. However, Tom was sceptical about the actual usage of AI at most companies, as he said: “A lot of people talk about Artificial Intelligence, but if you really look beyond the first layer; the question arises ‘Do they really use AI?’.

When it comes to Digital Transformation, it is already here. But Digital Transformation in HR is making its way now as well. This was clearly visible during Zukunft Personal 2018. However, according to Tom Haak, this is nothing ‘new’: “I would say, on a negative side, not a lot of new-new things here at the Expo, which I did not expect. I saw a lot of booths and activities in and around the wellbeing domain (that seems to be important) as for example healthy food, fitness, coaching and so forth.

Tom continued: “With all the respect to the analytics side, Crunchr still has a unique position. You don’t come across of Crunchr like solutions at Zukunft Personal.” Further, he stated that even ‘the big boys’ are slowly becoming aware of the true potential of data and analytics. Tom said: “Big companies such as LinkedIn have a big booth, and they are very visible. They are also exploring the talent analytics field.” In his presentation Tom discussed HR tech & employee experience. Tom concludes that the visitors visit Zukunft in particular for the vendors and entertainment.

There is more...

One of our Crunchr-team members and Implementation Specialists, Roel van Etten, provided us with a short summary of Zukunft Personal through his eyes: “We have met many visitors from all kinds of industries varying from small (max 500 employees) to large organisations (over 100.000 employees). I’ve noticed that there are a lot recruitment app and talent app companies at Zukunft that help organisations to recruit and retain the right employees. Actually, I’ve seen no other platform or organisation similar to our platform Crunchr.”

We look back with great success to an amazing Zukunft Personal 2018. In case you missed us at Zukunft Personal 2018, you can find us next month at UNLEASH on th 23th and 24th of October. Or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and never miss an update.

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