Posted by Crunchr ● Feb 20, 2019 4:39:55 PM

Mercer and Crunchr join forces in Workforce Analytics

Mercer, world’s largest human resources consulting firm, has signed an international  partnership with Crunchr, a leader in people analytics technology. With this partnership Mercer and Crunchr will bring HR to another level, improving employee well being and business outcomes, supported by data driven insights. 

Press conference banner to inform that Mercer and Crunchr join forces in workforce analytics

“Companies believe in the value of workforce analytics, but are slow in the adoption,” says David Sanderse CEO of Mercer Netherlands.

“By connecting Mercer’s workforce data and Crunchr’s technology, we help our client’s translate their HR goals into action. The solution enables them to set clear workforce priorities and develop a strategy to address them. With data analytics, organizations gain better insights into the needs of their workforce and also which benefits (pension included) their employees value most. This helps companies to create compelling and differentiated employee value propositions.”

- David Sanderse CEO of Mercer Netherlands.

 “We have learned that it takes time for clients to effectively use workforce analytics, while the business urgency is definitely there”, says Dirk Jonker, Crunchr’s founder and CEO. “Mercer consultants can support our clients to speed up this process through our tech and touch program. We are thrilled to have found a strategic partner who is able to realize this on a worldwide scale.”

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