5 simple steps to start with People Analytics

You know the term people analytics. You are ready to start with workforce analytics. You are ready to dive into that huge pile of employee data.

But, where do you start? A good preparation is a key to any kind of strategy, including people analytics. At Crunchr, we have deep expertise with employee data and present 5 steps that will help you to get started!

An introduction to people analytics in 5 steps:

1. Learn from available data People Analytics -  5 Steps-1-Mar-30-2021-08-36-32-62-AM

  • Use available data
  • What is the current situation?
  • Visualization is key

2. Exploration

  • Data exploration is useful
  • Develop some hypothesis
  • Dig Deeper
  • Connect to the burning issue

3. Determine the most burning issue

  • Start with the important business issues
  • What are related burning HR issues?
  • Sense of urgency helps!

4. Design the HR interventions

  • Goal orientation
  • Focus on high impact/ low effort interventions
  • What HR interventions will help to tackle the issues?

5. Track progress and measure effects

  • How will you measure progress?
  • Consider A/B testing
  • Use a simple dashboard


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